Visiting lecture series in Neurology.


Lectures are given in either Epilepsy Conference Room at LIJ (near the library) or 9 Tower Conference Room and broadcast to both campuses via our audiovisual link.


July 7th              Dr. Murthy (Basic science)

July 14th            Dr. Patil (Hemorrhage)

July 16th 5 PM    Board Review/Vignettes cancelled due to Faculty Meeting

July 21st            Dr. Patil

July 23rd 5 PM   Dr. Kanner Board Review Evaluation of Comatose Patient

July 28th            Dr. Katz

July 30th 5 PM    Dr. Kanner Board Review Brain Death Criteria (please read hospital brain death guidelines)

August 4th        12-1 PM! Dr. Vishnubhakat: Mechanisms of Action of Antiepileptic Drugs. Read about topic prior to lecture.

August 6th          5PM Dr. Vishnubhakat: International Classification of Epilepsies and Epilepsy Syndromes, Investigation of Epilepsy (in addition to EEG), EEG correlates of specific syndromes. Read about topic prior to lecture.

August 11th

August 13th        5PM Dr. Vishnubhakat Epilepsy Lecture. Continue reading about classification, diagnostic tests, EEG findings in specific syndromes.

August 18th       Dr. Ferman (hypercoag disorders)-read any overview article of common hypercoag disorders

August 25th

September 1st   Labor Day.

September 8th   Dr. Bialer (Genetics)

September 15th   Dr. Kula Myodystrophies

September 22nd Dr. Nelson

September 29th   Dr. Einberg awaiting response

October 6th       Dr. Pourfar [emailed to cancel Dr. Katz-Cerebral Aneurysms]

October 13th       Dr. Guy Schwartz Dystonia

October 20th       Dr. Feigin Chorea

October 27th       Dr. Niethammer Tic Disorders

November 3rd    TBA pediatric epilepsy. [Dr. Nelson emailed to cancel]

November 10th    Dr. Sean Hwang Adult epilepsy

November 17th    Dr. Jain or Dr. Ettinger neuropharmacology of epilepsy

November 24th

December 1st    Dr. Nelson

December 8th

December 15th   Dr. Paul Mattis Language Disorders

December 22nd   Dr. David Straker Somatoform Disorders

December 29th

February 2nd     Dr. Demopolous CNS Neoplasms [Dr. Nelson-need to move]

February 23rd     Dr. Demopolous Paraneoplastic Disorders

March 30th         Dr. Chaliff-Subarachnoid Hemorrhage

May 4th              Dr. Noah Rosen Craniofacial Pain

May 18th            Dr. Jeffrey Selzer Substance Dependence